Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HTR in the Big Leagues

This year the Hawaii Thermal Research team is sending a stalwart crew of hot air scientists to the flatlands of eastern Washington, to participate in the 2014 US National Paragliding Championship in Chelan. This site is known for strong thermals, beautiful cloud streets, dust devils, and long flights over flat desert terrain. Pretty much everything we don't have in Hawaii. Thom, Jorge and I are representing Oahu, with a cameo appearance by Dave. Langan, Bill, Roy and Scotty are stepping up for the Big Island. Reaper is the safety director for the comp. Motorhead Paul will be free flying, and we hope to see Bill and Bonnie there as well. Maybe even Doug Hoffman! I'm looking forward to an exciting and rewarding week of thermal research!


  1. 'hot air' was that an implication? We left JJJ at home.......... didn't we?

  2. Just arrived at Campbells Resort in Chelan. One night to relax by the lake...
    We start the chaos tomorrow for practice day.
    This will be 19 years since I was launch marshall at the US Nationals in Chelan in 1995.
    Let the games begin.